Our top 10 picks of the best microwave ovens in Australia

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 Digital Heritage Microwave with 5 Power Levels, Automatic and Weighted Defrost Settings, 8 Auto Cook Menus, Clock & Timer, Easy Clean

  • The Russell Hobbs Heritage RHM2064 microwave has a sleek and stylish contemporary design, boasting an attractive mirror door finish. As well as an appealing look, this appliance also includes impressive functionality, with 800 watts of microwave power providing quick and convenient cooking in your home
  • 20 litre cavity capacity microwave, comfortably fitting a standard size of dinner plate. It comes with a removable and dishwasher safe glass turn table for easy cleaning

600 Watt Counter Top Rotary Microwave Oven, 0.6 Cubic Feet, Black

  • 6 convenient cooking power levels (high, med/high, medium, med/low, defrost, low)
  • A 30 minute timer with audible end of cooking signal
  • Easy to grasp grip type handle to open and close the door
  • Mechanical, rotary dial controls make it great for those seeking simple, basic operation
  • 600 watts of cooking power
  • 6 convenient cooking power levels (high, med/high, medium, med/low, defrost, low)
  • A 30 minute timer with audible end of cooking signal

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Turntable Push-Button Door, Child Safety Lock, Stainless Steel

  • Pre-programmed buttons for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage and dinner plate
  • 900 Watts with 10 power settings, clock and kitchen timer, 30 seconds express cooking
  • Large LED digital display, easy-to-read control panel, child safety lock, interior light, removable 10.6” glass turntable
  • Push-button door release for easy access
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 19.1” x 14.8” x 11.5”, Internal dimensions: 12.36” x 13.66” x 8.70” (W x D x H); Color of door frame is stainless steel, enclosure is black

20 Litre 800 W Black Digital Solo Microwave with 5 Power Levels, Automatic Defrost, 8 Auto Cook Menus, Clock & Timer, Easy Clean

  • MIRRORED FINISH - The Russell Hobbs RHM2076B features a sleek black body and contemporary mirror door finish
  • EASY CLEAN – With a wipeable painted interior and removable glass turntable which is dishwasher safe, it’s super easy to keep clean
  • SPECIAL FEATURES - Additional features include pre-programmed auto cook menus such as pizza, fish and popcorn, allowing you to cook at the push of a button
  • 800W POWER - This attractive appliance is simple and easy to use with 800 watts of microwave power, providing you quick and convenient cooking in your home

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Upgraded Easy Clean Enamel Cavity, Position Memory Turntable, Convection 2250w & Crispy Grill 1150w - Black 

  • Combination Cooking: This combination microwave oven is great for grilling, as well as standard microwave jobs. Convection microwaves heat food from the inside out, retaining moisture and flavour
  • Handy Features: Defrost by weight/time, express cooking, position memory turntable, child safety lock, and kitchen timer makes this a great combination microwave oven for busy kitchens
  • Easy-clean Ceramic Enamel Cavity: The enamel cavity in this microwave is easier to clean compared to common grey-painted cavities

Combination Microwave Oven 27 Litre

  • Slimline design, 27L
  • Larger turntable (34cm)
  • 1000W Microwave power with Inverter Technology
  • NEW Junior Menu
  • Large control panel, screen.Combination cooking.29 automatic menus.Grill 1300W

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23L Digital Display 800W, Auto Defrost, One-touch Express Cook with 6 Pre-Programmed Auto Cook

  • Microwave Oven Best Buy Tested by Which?, Toshiba get a high test score of 81% and the Best Buy recommendation. Toshiba microwave oven will be your best choice.
  • Express cook With 800W of microwave power, you can start instant cooking by simply selecting cooking time from 30 seconds to 6 min. Skip the step-by step routine, the pre-programmed menu and procedural memory will allow you to make popcorn, melt butter, cook meat , or reheat a frozen Entrée in just one touch
  • Defrost by weight/time23L capacity (31.4 x 34.7 x22.1cm (w x d x h)) along with defrost by time/weight setting, kitchen timer, clock and large digital display, this microwave could adapt to different cooking habits

20 L Capacity, 5 Power Levels & Defrost Function

  • Microwave – This 800W microwave has a 20L capacity and comes complete with 5 levels of cooking power
  • Capacity – With a 20 litre capacity it can easily hold a standard sized dinner plate and it comes with a 255mm removable glass turntable that is dishwasher safe
  • Cooking – Comes with 5 power levels for a wide range of cooking requirements and features a defrost functionality that lets you adjust the weight and adjusts the time accordingly
  • Features – Manual control panel up to 35 minutes adjustable timer to ensure your food is cooked perfectly
  • Design – Modern handless design in a sleek silver finish complimented by a black door window & control panel Flat easy to clean design

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Compact Solo Microwave Oven with Turntable, 800 W, 20 Litres

The Panasonic NN-E28JMMBPQ has 5 power levels and a choice of 9 auto-programmes, so you have plenty of cooking options. The interior is made using easy-to-clean enamel liners

  • 20 Litre capacity
  • 800 W high power microwave
  • Touch control panel

17 Litre 700 W Cream Solo Manual Microwave with 5 Power Levels, Ringer & Timer, Defrost Setting, Easy Clean

  • The compact RHMM701 is ideal for cooking a variety of meals in minutes. 30 minute timer and the dimensions of the product are 25.6cm x 45.1cm x 32.6cm
  • Once you have prepared the microwave for use, place food in suitable cookware, open the door and position onto the turntable
  • When the cooking cycle has finished the microwave has a ringer function that will sound to alert you

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Microwaves should last around five to 10 years, depending on the model. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to upgrade yours, it’s probably best to if you’re finding that yours reheats food unevenly, or is taking longer than it should to warm up, defrost or cook your food.


You’ll notice that in addition to conventional and convection microwaves, a lot of models now also offer ‘inverter’ technology. The main difference between convection and inversion comes down to the way power is supplied. Microwaves without inverter technology switch between 100 per cent and zero per cent power when you choose 50 per cent power (for example), while inverter microwaves use 50 per cent power the whole time. This means that inverters are generally better at evenly cooking food all the way through without burnt or cold spots unevenly appearing..


Type: the principle sorts of microwave are traditional and convection. The former converts strength into microwaves that heat the meals; whereas the latter are also known as microwave ovens as they've a heating detail and fan that circulates air round food for quicker and extra even cooking. Both paintings properly, even though convection microwaves are desirable in case you want your microwave to offer greater cooking capabilities than simple reheating, steaming or defrosting.

• electricity: microwave energy is measured in wattage, and you may find gadgets ranging from 700w all the manner up to 2400w. A higher wide variety method more electricity, although that more energy is simplest wanted if you’re often using your microwave for hefty reheating, defrosting or cooking duties – if you’re only sometimes reheating the odd bowl of soup, a lower wattage will do you pleasant.

• capability: another element that depends in your use and household length, capacities can range from 20l to 56l. For couples and small households, a compact microwave with a smaller potential is satisfactory for reheating small serves and person plates and perfect for small homes, while a bigger version might be required for huge households who have the countertop area for it.

• extra functions: you can rest assured that any microwave you buy will fulfil the simple features of being capable of reheat, thaw and prepare dinner meals at the press of a button. But, the extra modern-day and spaced-up models can provide additional features from one-touch pre-programmed menus, sensor reheating, or even unique cooking capabilities from baking, roasting and grilling all the manner to air frying.